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Manufacturer HARN – Malaysia

In designing of RITMA CUBE extra attention has been added to the dimensions for cutting and drilling of panels, making them compatible with the designs of well-known brands in the industry. Simple and quick mounting of the system makes drawers RITMA CUBE real solution for all furniture manufacturers.
RITMA CUBE features the new I-rail guide with roller bearings for smooth and quiet operation at full load.


■ Roller bearing concealed runners with capacity of 35 kg;
■ Full extension with synchro control;
■ Flexible 2-dimensional front adjustment;
■ Sylent integrated cushioning system and stabiliser;
■ Square reiling – despite traditional round reiling RITMA CUBE offers option for placing square reiling for 8 mm wooden and glass side panel.

Note this

The price includes only the metal sides and other parts needed to produce the drawer. The panels are purchased separately.

Price list

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Standard drawer

Standardna fioka Ritma cube

Drawer with side reiling

Fioka so stranicna pregrada Ritma Cube

Drawer with side extend

Fioka so stranicna maska Ritma Cube