Wholesale and Distribution

The growth of the industry for furniture manufacturing materials brought revolutionary solutions of board materials into attractive, modern and unique designs and purposes, both in the public and private sector. Introducing variety of hardware, with decorative and aesthetic design, complements those of functional nature that enhance the use and living spaces.

Undoubtedly, these global changes affected Macedonia as well, and the increased interest for the advantages offered by these products boosted the idea for expansion of the business all over the country.

In 2004, , Soloprom opened another sales point – a specialized distributive wholesale center, located 20km from Skopje, on the highway section Skopje- Gevgelija. This project was the answer to the requests by local dealers and bigger clients located outside Skopje.

Today, the Distributive center is operating with full capacity. In addition to the complete determination on the part of our employees in performing their work tasks, in accordance with the organizational structure, we are proud that starting from an idea we have created a successful and ambitious company.